Live Steaming Dash Camera

– Dash Camera –

Dash cameras are becoming a must-have tool for fleet managers.
Our Dash Camera can help protect your drivers and lower the risk of fraudulent claims against your business.

GPS Fleet management service

– GPS System –

Efficient routing makes for more effective vehicle operations and cuts costs.
The locations, directions and speeds of all vehicles are displayed on the map. It can also improve safety by monitoring vehicle speed.

Just some of the reasons many users choose our product

Clear Voice Communication

Our IP radios have advanced noise cancelling capabilities with crystal clear voice communication.

Nationwide Coverage

Our IP product is a modern, 2-Way Radio that uses the LTE / 3G cellular network to provide nationwide communication for our customers.

No FCC Licence Required

Our platform is using the cellular network which is NOT REQUIRED to take the FCC LICENSE.

Multiple Call Modes

  • All Call
  • Individual Call
  • Dispatcher Call
  • Group Call
  • Remote Monitoring and etc.

Professional IP Radio – Vehicle Mounted

– MPT-100 –

The device supports 12VDC and 24VDC Vehicle Applications. The Multi-Function Microphone has a built-in equalizer control to customize and shape receive audio using low-cut filtering and sensitivity control. The stylish handset is packed with many useful functions. By using MPT-100 with integrated Location Management system, your daily business efficiency and profits will grow along with increased customer satisfaction.


Professional IP Radio -Handheld

– IM-550 –

IM-550 is handheld IP Radio. IM-550 has water-proof and dust-proof functionality, built-in GPS Location Updates and a compact body. The battery life of IM-550 is approximately 20 hours in 10:10:80 duty cycle. The built-in GPS function integrates the handheld with your MC Mobiles on your Location Management Mapping System.


GPS Fleet Management Service

– GPS System –

GPS Fleet Management Service is useful for transportation and shipping businesses. By installing a GPS antenna in the vehicle, it can track the vehicle location and driving conditions, making vehicle operation more effective. It can also display location and history on a map, which can be used as proof of delivery for clients or help guide drivers along safe roads.