Knowing where the vehicle is right now lets you gurantee a safe, on-time arrival

With the GPS Fleet Management Service and the Internet, you can always know where your vehicles are. Since our Professional IP Radio uses the cellular network, you can communicate all across the country. Transportation efficiency is improved because you can see accurate location and movement of your vehicles.

GPS Fleet Management Service

The locations, directions and speeds of all vehicles are displayed on the map. Efficient routing makes for more effective vehicle operations and cuts costs. It can also improve safety by monitoring vehicle speed.

Surprisingly Low Deployment and Operating Costs

Since we develop all the hardware and manage the cloud server ourselves, we can offer surprisingly low prices for both initial and running costs.

Precise Location Displayed Anytime

Our Professional IP Radios have a high-precision GPS receiver. Accurate location information can be viewed on a PC, iPad or smartphone. Location is updated every 350 ft when vehicles are in motion and every 1 minute when vehicles are stationary.

Making Transportation More Cost-Effective
Your vehicle location and speed are displayed on the Google maps. Visible driving conditions makes your vehicle operation more effective and safety. It also cuts costs.

Convenient Functions

Displaying All Vehicle Locations

The locations, directions and speeds of all vehicles are displayed on the map. You can see the movement of your vehicles in one view.

Tracking History

The tracking plots are displayed in selectable intervals such as all plots, 10 seconds, 1 min, 3 mins and so on. The history can be useful for selecting driving routes and proof of delivery to customers. Also, by watching the speed of vehicles, you can give safety guidance to drivers and ensure reliability to clients.

Tracking Mode

This is a convenient way to track a particular vehicle in real time. The vehicle being tracked is always shown in the center of the map on a separated screen so that it is never lost by going off the home screen.

Address Search

This function lets you search and display the location of an address on the map. Just enter the address in the input screen. When drivers don’t know how to get the destination, you can tell them a route.

Route Search

This function lets you find and display a route to multiple points. It is useful to find the shortest routes for shipping, then you can tell them the drivers.


You can register particular places such as train stations and clients’ offices as landmarks. It is easy to find the closest vehicle when you get an urgent pickup request from a client, because you can search for the landmark quickly.