A Leading Company of Professional IP Radio Systems

In 2009, we developed the world’s first Professional IP Radio System called, “Voice Packet Transceiver” in Japan. We integrated VoIP technology with radio using data communication on the 3G cellular network. Unlike conventional radio systems, our system operates on cellular networks that enable clear and reliable communications across the country. Our system rarely has dead zones, even between mountains and buildings. Our system is used in various business fields where long distance communications with GPS tracking is needed. More than 100,000 units are in use. Our products have world-wide functionality by connecting to the cellular networks in each country.

One-Stop Systems and Solutions for all Vehicles

Our greatest strength is our in-house product and service approach, product development, manufacturing, sales, operations, warranty and maintenance. We are involved in every process so that we can integrate all customer feedback into a constant evolution and improvement of our products and services. This approach allows us to deliver the quality and performance customers demand.

Strong In-House Technologies Spanning Three Fields of Industry

Our technological capabilities cover the three fields of Networks, Telecommunications Equipment, and Software.  We provide customers with integrated systems that enhance business efficiency, reduce costs, and other customized advantages. 

The newest technologies and customer feedback helps us to create concepts and visualizations that meet customer needs. We turn ideas from three industries into tangible products that further enhance our distinctive systems. Drawing upon a vast array of existing cellular networks to further enhance customer convenience, we integrate our key strengths from all fields to deliver a unique, all-in-one service.