Installing VLC

1 Download and launch the installer

Visit the VLC media player to download its installer package.
Click the button below to jump to external link.

Click 【▼】and choose system of your PC.
Press 【Download VLC】and download the VLC Media Player.

After you download the installer package, double click on the file to begin the install process.

If you’re using Windows Vista, 7, 8,10 or 11 and have UAC (User Account Control) enabled, the operating system may prompt you to grant VLC administrator permissions. Click Yes to continue the installation process.

2 Review the Welcome screen

The VLC installer recommends that you close all other applications before continuing the installation process. When you’re ready to proceed with the installation process, click Next.

3 Read License agreement


Read the Terms of Service. Once you’re done reading, click Next.

4 Select components

Use this menu to customize your install. Choose all of the components you wish to install and whether you want VLC to be your default media player or not. Once you are done, click Next.

5 Pick a location

Click Browse to choose the destination installation folder. After you’ve identified the desired folder, click Install.

6 Now installing


Wait as VLC is installed on your machine. It shouldn’t take too long. Then click “Show details” to see more information about the progress of the installation.

7 Installation complete

Once installation is complete, you may choose to run VLC or read VLC’s release notes. Click Finish to complete the installation process and close the installer.

8 At first start-up


You’ll be prompted with VLC Network Access Policy on the first launch. 

The VLC media player is now ready to play your multimedia formats.

How to make VLC the Default Media Player


1, Click on “Start Menu” and click on “Settings”.

2, Click on the “Apps” tab from the left panel of the Settings window. Then, select the “Default Apps” options present to the right of your screen.

3, Search for Movie & TV on the search box and select the app.

4, Select each and every file type and change the currently associated app to VLC Media Player. Then click on the “Set Default” button.


1, Right click any video file in your file explorer and select “Get Info”.

2, Under “Open With” in the “File Info” window, change the video player to whichever video player you want to be the default.

3, Click the “Change All…” button below the Open with dropdown.

4, Click “Continue” in the confirmation box that appears.