Dashcam installation

l  All-in-one design, built-in GPS, LTE, Wi-Fi, easy to install and maintain

l  Brand-new design and optimized heat-sink

l  Wide angle FHD video recording and streaming

l  Easy configuration via mobile App

l  Extendable for additional third camera

l  Built-in microphone and speaker for two-way communication

l  Cost-effective and reliable

l  Mobile application

1.2      Dimension and definition


NET: Network status indicator, it stays on while linking.


GPS: GPS signal status, it stays on when it’s valid.

ALARM: Alarm indicator while device triggering alert.

1.3      Mobile setting app preparation


Download set up application “Howen iTool” from Google Play or App Store. This mobile application will be used for the setting up of an angle of camera.

2. Installation


2.1     Wiring connection

Take out the power adaptor/box, connect to device first. Connect the red wire (power positive +) to BAT+ of vehicle, and orange wire (ACC) to ignition of vehicle, and the black wire (power negative -) to BAT- on the vehicle battery.

Do check that all wires correctly connected, and make sure to wrap connection joints with electric tape when connection is finalized. Once your device gets power on, you will hear a short music chime when the camera has power.

2.2.1 Connect to device from mobile app “Howen iTool” via WiFi

Followings are steps to connect to device from the mobile app “Howen iTool”.

Step1: Power on the dash camera.

Step2: Enter the Wi-Fi settings onyour mobile phone, search this Wi-Fi.

Step3: Connect the dash camera tothis Wi-Fi, input the password.

Note: The Wi-Fi name is APxxxxxx and the password is 12345678

Attention: Device will be at AP mode for 2 minutes then switch to Station mode. During these 2 minutes, if it connects via iTool, it will stay at AP mode.

2.2.2 Search device from mobile app

Step1: Connect dash camera to Wi-Fi of your mobile phone.

Step2: Open the mobile APP, the APP will search the device automatically. If auto search not started, please follow step 3.

Step3: Click the refresh button on the right upper of corner, it will start searching. (Fig.4.2).

2.2.3 Log in into device

Step 1: Click the settings button at the bottom, enter MDVR configuration homepage.

Step 2: Input the password and login. Default password is 111111. (Fig.4.3)

Step 3: Then you will get the homepage and see camera view. (Fig.4.4)

Tips: Before set the bracket, please measure and mark the center of vehicle’s windshield at first and see the camera view via the mobile app “Howen iTool”. 

Wipe clean windshield (make sure there is no oil/dust) and dry it. Tear off the 3M sticker, paste one side on holder. If the temperature was below 20 degrees, to use a hot-air cylinder to dry at 50 degrees for 5-10 seconds is recommended, then paste on.

Take out the screws and Dashcam. Then insert the screw lock, keep it adjustable till installation is finalized on vehicle.

Installation Attention:

Horizontally: the device shall be installed around the center of windshield.

Vertically: adjust the device to get the best positioning for the front camera first.

If you have further question, please contact us.