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Try our Professional Dash camera.

Dash camera

Live Streaming Dash Camera - with GPS
  • Connect to GPS fleet management
  • Build in speaker and mic
  • GPS and geofencing
  • SD card up to 512GB + cloud based storage
  • cloud based event recording
  • Camera wakes up while truck is power off


IP68 : Water-Proof, Dust-Proof

IP6X - Protected from dust.
IPX8 - Immersing in over 1 meter water will have no harmful effect.

Built-in GPS

Since the IM-550 has GPS capabilities inside, only the GPS Service License required to use location management.

WiFi & Bluetooth

IM-550 has WiFi capability which provide you the communication inside buildings where cellular network is limited.

Long Battery Life

Approximately 20 hours in 10:10:80 duty cycle.

High Resolution Camera

IM-550 has a high resolution camera and pictures you take via IM-550 can be shown in our GPS Fleet Management website.

IM-550 Standard Package

IM-550 “Standard package” contents.

  • IM-550 Main Unit
  • AC USB Adapter
  • USB Cable

Product Sold Separately

Hardware Specifications

Dimensions 4.84inch*3.5inch*1.8inc
Working Temperature 4℉ to 158℉
Working Voltage 8-36V
Protection IP54
Certificate CE/FCC/MIL
Storage 1 Slot, Max 512GB
WIFI Built in WIFI module, AP mode/CPE mode
GPS Built in dual mode :  GPS+GLONASS
G-Sensor HA/HB/HC
Speaker Built-in Speaker and mic
Front view Camera 1080p@30fps, Diagonal angle: 140 degree, horizontal angle 116 degree
In-Cab Camera 1080p@30fps, Diagonal angle: 140 degree, horizontal angle 116 degree
Third camera(Optional) Content Extend via wire, for normal surveillance or DMS camera, 720p
Support AI(Optional) Face recognition, DMS, ADAS
Video compression H.265(Main/Sub), H.264(Main/Sub)
I/O Audio Input(2), Audio output(1)
Interface USB×1(type c), Panic button, etc.